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Austin's First Science Museum

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All exhibits are based on the 5.7 million collected specimens from research conducted at the university. Exhibits focus on prehistoric life, evolution, rocks and minerals, and Texas wildlife.

A few comments from our visitors are shown below.

“Thank you for having this museum. It brought our family together.”
“Enjoyed diversity of the information and subjects.”
“This place is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!”
“When I saw the sign that said ‘please touch’ it kind of shocked me.”
“We really appreciate the opportunity to educate our children in such a wonderful way.”
“This is the best museum in the entire world!”
“This place has the best fossil exhibit ever!”
“I felt like I was back in time.”
“This is more exciting than I imagined!”
“I loved your mineral collection!”
“Thank you for giving our children such an educational experience!”
“I hope lots of kids see this place and learn to imagine what time, geology, and evolution mean to them and our future.”
“I love seeing all the cool prehistoric dino bones.”
"I liked the Paleontology Lab!”
“Dinosaurs are awesome. Best place on campus.”
“We have always enjoyed this museum and keep coming back.”
“This is a fantastic selection of natural history.”
“This museum exceeded my expectations! We will be back!”
“Great exhibits – kid friendly!”
“Beautiful exhibits. This place is awesome!”
“I came here as a kid and came back at age 26 and still love it!”
“I’m so grateful that this museum that I loved so much as a child is still just as awesome as ever."
“First time visitor; will definitely return.”
Hall of Geology & Paleontology