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Fishes of Texas

This exhibit highlights freshwater fishes in Texas and their place in our world. The exhibit includes profiles of freshwater-fish species in Texas, discussions of fish diversity, and a look at how fish fit into our lives and environment. Through multimedia displays, underwater photographs, and Texas Memorial Museum specimens, visitors gain an appreciation of the diversity and value of Texas fishes.

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The Fishes of Texas Project is a multi-year research project that attempts to consolidate, standardize and fully georeference all of the known scientific information on the freshwater fishes of Texas. The project is a collaboration of the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas State University, and The University of Texas-Pan American.

The Fishes of Texas website is a work in progress. Data and specimens are currently under review for correctness. We will have a finalized version coming soon. Meanwhile, please feel free to help us improve the quality of our offerings by registering in our system and contributing your comments, images, fieldnotes, etc.