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Natural Regions of Texas

Oak Woodlands and PrairiesOak Woodlands and Prairies

Several species of plants and animals are found throughout Texas, but many inhabit more restricted areas in regions such as the Piney Woods, Trans-Pecos, Panhandle Plains, Oak Woodlands and Prairies, South Texas Brush Country and the Edwards Plateau. These regions are often called natural regions, and are defined by the types of soil and plant communities present. A community is a group of organisms comprised of several species populations that co-occur and interact with each other in the same habitat or region. Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and plants are members of communities in each region and a variety of species are represented in this exhibit.

Six major regions with a diversity of terrains, plants and animals in Texas are highlighted at each window in this gallery. Representative animals from each region are identified; many are common, but some are rare or threatened with extinction.