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Natural Wonders: Treasures of the Texas Memorial Museum


What makes something a treasure? Some people treasure items that are worth a great deal of money. Others may treasure something with personal sentimental value. In the same way, all of the objects in Natural Wonders: Treasures of the Texas Memorial Museum are special—they are wonders of Nature.

Here you'll find fossils with detailed features that teach us about life on Earth thousands or even millions of years ago. You'll see amazing gemstones, rare because of their clarity and size. For scientists and curators these specimens are treasures because they reveal unique clues about the natural world. As we study them and learn about the Earth’s past and present, we can then consider the challenges of our future.

As you explore the gallery, think about something that you consider a treasure and why it is important to you. Then, consider why each object exhibited here is a true treasure of the Texas Memorial Museum.

The specimens in the Natural Wonders: Treasures of the Texas Memorial Museum exhibit will rotate regularly. Visit us again each year to see new treasures.