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Paleo Lab

The Paleo Lab is a unique working laboratory where visitors are encouraged to interact with and ask questions of a paleontologist or lab intern while seeing first-hand how fossils are properly prepared, catalogued, and studied. Several “touch specimens,” real fossils that may be handled by visitors, are available.

Fossil identifications will be available at the Paleo Lab on Saturday, March 4, 2017, 11 am to 4:40 pm. Identifications are for educational purposes only. We do not provide authentications or appraisals for monetary (market) value or for legal purposes.


The Paleo Lab


Current Major Projects:

  • Identification and study of late Pleistocene mammal remains from a creek site in Travis County, Texas.
  • Picking and sorting remains of a 160–113 thousand year old (middle-late Pleistocene) cave fauna from Cathedral Cave, White Pine County, Nevada.