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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Service Building (SER) 210C


Environmental Health and Safety’s mission is to provide services that promote safe and compliant facilities and ensure environmental quality for the university community.

EHS provides a number of programs and services for the campus community.  These include:

Biological and Laboratory Safety: This group offers a wide range of services that help keep campus laboratories safe and compliant including laboratory safety evaluations, chemical safety, training, and emergency response.

Environmental Programs: This group handles the disposal of chemical, biological, and radioactive waste for UT Austin. EHS also provides assistance and training to prevent spills and reduce pollution on campus and manages compliance with the university’s spill prevention plan.  EHS also monitors the quality of storm and waste water discharges and coordinates permit compliance.

Radiation and Laser Safety: This group provides safety and compliance support for the use of radioactive materials, X-ray machines, and lasers.

Campus and Occupational Safety: This group focuses on the safety of UT workers and visitors. Programs in this group include asbestos and lead surveillance, indoor air quality, mold, ergonomics, and occupational safety programs.


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