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Directions and Parking

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There is no free or validated parking near the museum. Parking rules and costs are set by the university, and we have no control over them. We cannot validate parking tickets. Automated pay stations are located both insideE the garages and at the exit gates.

Car and Van Parking

Parking is available at the university's San Jacinto Garage, located just north of the museum, and Manor Garage, located at the southeast corner of Robert Dedman and Littlefield. Van clearance in the San Jacinto Garage is 6'11". Manor Garage has a van clearance of 8' on level 1 and 7' on other levels.

Please note: The university‚Äôs Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations state that a vehicle must fit wholly within the parking space—side to side as well as back to front. Especially large vehicles (such as four door trucks with hitches or other attachments) should park on the roof of the garage.

Daily Paid Parking Rates

Rates, hours of operation, maps, and additional information can be found on the university's Visitor Parking page.

Handicapped Parking

There are two handicapped parking spaces near the accessible entrance of the museum; "D" Permits for Handicapped Parking are available at any guard booth on campus.

The handicapped-accessible entrance to the museum is on the museum's east side just south of the main entrance. The entrance can be opened remotely by the museum's security guard. If you park in the San Jacinto Garage, exit the garage to the east from Level 3 and follow the sidewalk south along Trinity Street. Look for signs to the handicapped-accessible entrance.

Bus Parking

Buses may not drop off passengers on Trinity St. Instead. we recommend dropping off near the intersection of San Jacinto and 24th St. or on 23rd St. between Robert Dedman and San Jacinto. Free street parking for buses is available along Comal St. south of MLK.

Around the Museum

From 23rd Street, walk up Trinity to the museum. From 24th and San Jacinto, follow the steps behind the mustang statue up the hill to the museum.