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Our Exhibitions are Evolving - Reopening Fall of 2023
Refreshing our most popular exhibits, and planning for new and exciting additions.
picture of mosasaur skeleton

TMM Mosasaur featured in publication from Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

This fierce sea creature’s skeleton, spotted a century ago by students, returns to limited public display this year.

By Denise Gamino

outdoor classroom

Outdoor Classroom & Collaborations

Made possible through a generous donation from Sarah and Ernest Butler, these seats are scaled up models of a vertebra from a mosasaur, a large marine reptile that lived in the Cretaceous Period.

sabretooth cat

Saber-toothed Cat Sculpture

Texas Memorial Museum's saber-toothed cat statue is a gift from Sarah and Ernest Butler, whose generosity has also enhanced the museum's exhibits and educational programs.